Refers to someone who makes war and means “to defend”

The name Waring is of English origin, derived from the Old English personal name “Waring”, which means “follower of Wær”. Wær was a Germanic name element meaning “true” or “trustworthy”. The surname Waring dates back to the medieval period, and it was originally used as a nickname for someone who was considered to be honest and reliable.

In terms of popularity, the name Waring is quite rare as a first name, but it is more commonly found as a surname. It carries a sense of strength and reliability, making it a suitable choice for baby boys. In today’s world where unique and uncommon names are becoming more popular, Waring could be a distinctive choice that sets your little one apart.

Overall, Waring is a name with a rich history and a strong, noble sound. If you’re looking for a name that is both rare and meaningful, Waring could be a great option for your baby boy.


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